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There are may ways to prevent the
unfortunate situation where someone owes you money and keeps promising to pay,
but never does or worse yet, completely disappears and ignores your calls. Some of
these preventative ways may be to retain a surety deposit, sign surety or to obtain
some kind of guarantee for “in case.”

Easier said than done, commerce requires closing “the deal” quickly and if there is
too much “red tape” the prospective client may take their business elsewhere. The
risk of non-payment is then taken to close the deal without any form of security and
likewise the possibility arises that debt may eventually become in arrears.

Our firm has access to the necessary technology to trace a debtor with minimal
available information.

We work hand in hand with our client every step of the way up to the point where a
debtor’s property is either executed against or a monthly payment plan gets reached
between parties.

We act as correspondent for many firms outside the jurisdiction of George, where we
assist our various correspondent firms in compiling their court papers in the preferred
way for the George courts in order to ensure a successful outcome.

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