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To sue or not to sue…that is the question.

Essentially civil litigation is any litigation which does not fall within the ambit of State
prosecution. It may take the process of action or application proceedings.

Knowing which one of the proceedings to follow is a fundamental consideration, as
each process has specific rules of court and time periods with which litigants need to
comply with.


Noncompliance with the rules may render the process either fatally
flawed or in need of condonation from the court, at best. Either outcome associated
with noncompliance may have severe costs implications.

It is therefore vitally important to get legal advice as soon as possible, whether you
intent to institute a matter or alternatively, are forced to defend a matter brought
against you.

Civil litigation therefore involves disputes between parties who can’t resolve the
matter themselves and need a judge or magistrate to make a decision on the issue
between them.

It is good to feel good about a case, however, a wise approach would be to know the
consequences of any outcome which may be received.

Make sure you know the risk that you are getting into.

Make sure you know what the potential outcomes may be.

Make sure you have a plan before stepping into the ring.

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