LLB (University of Pretoria)

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  • She Graduated with an LLB Law Degree from the University of Pretoria in 2019, voted the top law school in South Africa.

  • She is a member of the Golden Key Honour Society for her success during her legal studies and obtained a Certificate of Excellence from the South African Government for her outstanding achievement in matric, forming part of the best performing matriculates in the Country for her matric year.

  • She holds right of appearance in both the District and Regional Magistrates Court, as well as the right to appear before any legal board or tribunal.

  • She joined D.P. Bezuidenhout Attorneys in 2021 and has been an invaluable member of our team ever since.

  • Her areas of focus at our firm are; Divorce Law, Maintenance & Child Law, Debt Collection, Drafting of Contracts, Applications, Civil Litigation, Harassment Claims and Criminal Law.

  • She oversees all correspondent matters directed to the firm in both the Magistrate and High Courts.

  • She assists with the marketing of the Firm, including website development and handles our Social Media Platforms and assists with Legal Costs.

  • She has been accepted on the panel of attorneys for Legal Wise.

  • As a candidate Attorney, she is involved in and assists in the legal matters of her principle, Dawie Bezuidenhout.

  • In her spare time she does ball-room dancing, which she has received many certifications, and enjoys sight-seeing, singing, painting and spending time with her family.


In my line of work I recognise the power of empathy. I understand that the Client is faced with the task of trying to navigate an unfamiliar legal situation. A little care goes a long way. One must always try to understand, listen and appreciate the challenge that the client is going through. I recognise that my function is to ease the burden by providing client-focused legal services built on mutual trust and communication. A deliberate effort must be made to ensure that the Client is aware of what is going on in the matter and the steps that are to be followed, inviting the client into the process, explaining to them how you are going to navigate the situation, being open and honest about expectations and allowing the Client to be involved in decisions This only helps in building a trust relationship and truly understanding the clients perspective, therefore allowing you to aim to provide them the outcome that they are actually striving towards.

I understand that the situation that the Client is faced with puts them under tremendous stress; I only hope that my Client knows and understands that I care and that I actively try to understand what they are experiencing.


I take pride in providing professional services, continuously building upon my existing knowledge of the law and thinking outside of the box, in order to effectively and efficiently provide my Client with the legal service they require. Knowledge is indeed power. One must be fully dedicated to the case, and to the client. Look at a case from every angle and take the time to check every detail and be thorough.

Know that I will walk the road with you to the very end; with integrity, kindness, respect, honesty and dedication. As lawyers, we are known for being very busy, know that I will never be too busy to address any concern you have; it is your best interests that are at the heart of the services I provide to you. You are NOT just a file number placed on my desk; you are a person who has chosen to trust me to help you navigate you through the storms of life. There is no such thing as a ‘second-rate client’! I equally care for and work hard for each and every client I have, no matter the type of matter or the amount of the claim.

Each and every one of you is important to me and I hereby thank you for allowing and trusting me to provide you with my services.


Chanel Pereira 


044 873 5067

066 212 2377